Roofer in Emmen

Welcome to our website. We are Dakspecialist Vriezen B.V., your qualified roofer in Emmen. Roofing services we carry out, amongst others, are:

  • roof leakage
  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof replacement
  • roof insulation

Read more information about our work and how we can help you below. Do you have another question or do you want to make an appointment? Give us a call on 085 - 106 18 84.

More about us

All our roofers in Emmen are qualified specialists and will fix any problem, may it be in a flat roof or any other type of roof. By keeping track and implementing the newest roofing developments we make sure we always provide the best roofing services in the region. The costs for for example fixing a leakage or repairing a gutter can vary depending on the type of roof and the materials to replace or fix them with. We can provide you with a price indication.

Roof leakage

In case of a roof leakage you are on the right track searching for a roofer in Emmen. Our roofer knows exactly what is needed to repair the leakage and rule out any further damage to your ceiling or wall. Maybe your insurance has a good policy and will compensate for the costs. Make sure to check this.

Roof repair

Roof repair is our speciality. Our roofer in Emmen has many years of experience with gutters, blown off roof tiles and old roofings that need repairing. We have many years of experience in roof repair and know all the ins and outs of all types of roofs. We will not leave you with your broken roof. Don’t doubt to call us or send us a message. We are happy to answer all your questions about roof repair or schedule an appointment.

Roof isolation roofer Emmen

Roof isolation has many advantages. It will spare you energy costs and will also add a lot of comfort inside your house. Do you have a flat roof or a slant roof with tiles? Roof insulation can be applied to both type of roofs. Our roofer in Emmen is your expert. Let us inform you about the different types of roof isolation. Insulating the inside or the outside of your roof both have advantages and disadvantages. We will advise you.

Contact our roofer in Emmen

The roofer of Dakspecialist Vriezen B.V. is most happy to help you with all your roofing issues. Offering quality is our priority. We achieve this by using high quality materials and by focussing on effective methods and good service only. Do you want to make an appointment or ask for a quotation? Feel free to call us on 085 - 106 18 84 or fill out our contactform.